How will my payout be made - Salary and Invoice?

First of all, thanks a lot for your partnership with us. Now it's time for your payout! 😃

We have two options you may choose from - one for individuals and one for those of you who can send invoice from a registered company.

  1. Salary (for individuals)

We take care of accounting, social fees, employer fees and hire you over the night to pay out your salary directly to your bank account. We will pay the salary out to your bank account NET (half of the agreed sum will be deposited after fee's). You will receive HALF of the full compensation deposited into your bank account.

    2. Invoice (must have VAT, a company no. or unique tax payer ID)

If you have a registered business and VAT Number registered, you may send us an invoice after you've completed the campaign. The invoicing details will only be shared first after you've published and reported your post(s) in.

When sending us an invoice, you are required to include down below information, if not we will not be able to fulfill your payment: 

  • Your Company Name och Company Registration Number
  • VAT Number
  • Name of the Campaign you collaborated in
  • IBAN and BIC information
  • Bank Account number
  • 0% VAT. Important note: Add this text on the invoice:
    "General rule for services, article 44 and 196 Council Directive 2006/112/EC (Reverse charge)".
  • Our company information:
    - Beatly AB, 559003-8468, SveavÀgen 47, 11359 Stockholm. VAT Number: SE559003846801.

    If you do not include above information on your invoice we will not be able to pay you. Please see option number one for compensation in a the campaign.