How Beatly works for brands

How easy to create create your first Influencer Marketing campaign? Easy-peasy! We will walk you through it. Follow these steps to carry out your first campaign.

Step 1: Set up your account!

First things first – create your account here:

Step 2: Create your campaign

Create your first campaign by clicking on "Create Campaign".  Start with adding or selecting your brand and click on "next". Now it's time to pick some Creator Collections that you like. You can select multiple collections and combine it with adding your own suggestions if you have any, by clicking on "Hand-pick your creators". 

Pro tip: select "Beatly Charts" in the category-section. In there, you will find top lists of the most engaging and fast growing creators.

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Step 3: Creative Direction

Now it's time to get creative and let the influencers know what you want them to do. Start of by adding a Moodboard with images you like, maybe from previous campaigns or some cool images from a photo shoot you did last week? Add as many as you like, remember that the creators will get these as inspiration. 

Done with your Moodboard? Great! Now it's time to add some details about your campaign, maybe it's a new product launch or a competition? No limitations here! Just add all information that's good for the Influencers to know when applying to your campaign. Be extra clear by adding some Do's and Don'ts in the section below the brief. 

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Step 3 (Part 2): Campaign Details

Add a cool name for your campaign - this will be shown to the creators! Select your campaign period when it's suppose to start and end. When you're done with that, let the creators know how they will get your product. If you have a link they should share, you can add that as will in the "add link for destination URL" section. 

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Step 4: Budget for the campaign

Add your budget for the campaign and select your objective. You will then see how many creators, content pieces, engagements and impressions we estimate to deliver. This is a minimum which means that it could be even more than what we've projected.

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Woooo! All done! Now you can sit back, relax and we'll take over!

We will invite the best suitable creators based on your collections, brief, budget and objective and let you know as soon as creators has applied to your campaign. Review them, and when you're happy with the ones selected just press "Start Campaign" and you'll get to communicate with the creators in the chat. Make sure to ask them if they have any question. 

PRO TIP: Ask the creators to share their content drafts in the chat, you will then have it saved in the "Media Library" so you can easily download it and post the content in your social media, or paid ads if that's a part of your strategy. 


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Are you ready to start your first Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Make sure, to be sure – that your investment in Influencer Marketing is a sure thing! For questions you can always reach us via or the chat on the website. 

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