Connect User Agreement

By registering and using the Connect product as an influencer/content creator, you agree to our Terms & Conditions which is found below.

  1. No exclusivity. I understand that I am NOT becoming exclusive with the brand, Beatly or any other company when using Beatlys platform. I will not become employed by the brand or Beatly and I may continue to work and collaborate with any brand or other networks on my own.
    1. I agree that if I am signed to an agency or if I am exclusive to anyone, it is under my own sole responsibility to follow any agreement made between me and my partner(s).
  2. Identity. I understand that my IP address is logged in all proposals sent and that in the case of identity theft, the person responsible will be reported to the police with all necessary details. I also give up my rights to use the Beatly platform temporarily during the time an identity theft has taken place. If anyone is seen using another person's account, I understand that this person is breaking T&C (see §5).
    1. I may be required to validate my identity in the case Beatly requests it, for example before a payout is made: ID card, copy of electric bill, phone call or method decided by Beatly.
    2. If the address is requested for a campaign, I understand and allow that it might be shared with a third party such as a delivery company in cases where the products are sent.
  3. Payment. I understand that all payments from brands to creators must go through the platform (if a hire has been made).
    1. I understand that all compensations are subject to if you would send us an invoice for the sum (+ tax/VAT 25%).
    2. If I do not have my own company to invoice from, I can use freelance services such as FrilansFinans or CoolCompany, or other similar services, to send my invoice to Beatly and receive my payout.
    3. If I choose to get my payout as salary, instead of sending an invoice, I understand that tax and employment taxes will be deducted from my payment by Beatlys external payouts partner PaySalary AB, before the amount reaches my account. I will receive 50% of the compensation NET deposited into my bank account and I also understand that there is no economical win for me sending Beatly with either option, as both solutions end up in giving you the same amount NET to your bank account (i.e. if you would choose the invoice alternative and then payout the sum to yourself as a salary).
    4. In collaborations where I receive products as compensation, or part of the compensation, I agree that I am held solely responsible to pay taxes for these according to the tax authorities’ guidelines in the country in which I am registered as a citizen.
    5. Beatly have technical solutions in place to detect manipulative behaviour when it comes to likes, comments and/or clicks. In the case Beatly finds fraudulent activities in influencers posts/account(s), Beatly may take necessary legal actions, cancel any agreement(s) and payment(s) made.

Regarding Campaigns and Content

      1. Key terms & licensing:

        You choose the publication date when you sign up for the campaign. The assignment consists of 1 Instagram post (requirement: at least 3 photos in a carousel) with a link in your profile and at least 3 stories (requirement: on mobile) with your unique swipe up link.

        • Post your Instagram stories at the same time as you post your Instagram post
        • Your unique link must be in your bio for at least 24 hours
        • It is a requirement that you have an open Instagram profile during the campaign
        • New image in the feed must not be posted within 4 hours
        • No other paid collaboration for 24 hours on either stories or in the feed
        • Image may not be deleted or archived within 3 months
        • You write and speak in your local language in the publications
      2. ️Re-publishing & re-usage rights

        1. Beatly owns the right to use your content on its own channels.

        2. The contracting brand owns the right to use your content across any digital channel such apps, websites, social media, presentations, etc. for an indefinite period of time.

        3. The contracting brand owns the right to republishing the content for an indefinite period of time.

      3. Sponsorship rights

        Contracting brand may use your material in sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook 3 months after your publication date.


      1. I understand that I am obliged to follow the agreement that the customer and I setup through the Beatly platform.
      2. I understand that in the case of a dispute, Beatly can go through the communication and make a decision that both parties will need to follow. For example, if the influencer has not fulfilled the requirements properly as agreed to between the two parties, Beatly can rule in favor of the brand that the influencer must create new content according to what has been agreed to.
      3. Deadlines. Not posting the content on the specified publish date and within specified time range mentioned in the requirements may result in me getting reminder emails. If I have agreed to a specific date with the customer, I understand that my compensation may be cancelled in the case I do not post on the agreed date and time. You are advised to communicate any changes with your customer in Beatly's messaging system (since we cannot track any agreements you do in email or phone communication).
      4. Not following Terms & Conditions. This marketplace trusts creators delivering content in time and according to instructions (and that they have copyrights to). Therefor, not following instructions can be penalised with lowered compensation by the customer. Beatly may also ban the creator from continued access to the platform if this happens regularly. 
  • Responsibilities. Employer, advertisers are responsible to pay employer fees for influencers if they are not eligible for “F-skatt” (don't have a company). As Beatly is seen as an intermediary, Beatly takes responsibility that the employer and social fees are paid correctly. If the influencers have their own company, they are responsible for reporting their full income to Skatteverket (Beatly informs about this in all influencer agreements). Therefore, your customers through the Beatly platform are not responsible for thinking about taxes. Great, right?

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