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Can I be removed from a campaign?

Once you've been hired, you are confirmed to be a part of it and will receive your compensation if the content is produced and reported in time according to the brief.

However, your account may be removed from the campaign and platform if fraudulent behavior is detected.

We use our platform on a daily basis to automatically scan and analyze the influencer eco system on the Instagram and YouTube platforms.

Our manual and automated processes detect fraudulent behaviour from influencers where they misuse Instagrams platform and algorithms to grow their channels.

In the case you have uneven spikes in growth or a high amount of fake followers, you can be disqualified and removed from the campaign. Your account may also be reported as fraudulent within a network of other Influencer Marketing platforms.

Do not apply to a campaign if you have manipulated growth in your past or are taking part in engagement rings. Your account(s) are in this case at risk of being banned from using our platform.